Q.  Where will the school be located?

A.  The new school will be located in the VEC secondary school in Kildare town which is currently accommodating Educate Together

Q.  What does a multi-denominational school mean?

A.  Every child has equal access to the school regardless of their religion, culture etc. Aspects of religion and beliefs, morals and ethics are taught to children without any emphasis on any one religion. The parents have a responsibility to make arrangements for the teaching of denominational religion to their children outside official school time, if parents wish.

Q.  I have little to no Irish. Does this matter?

A.  Not at all. As your child learns Irish from the first day in school, you will also begin to pick up words. If your child is having any difficulty with their homework, make sure to inform the class teacher as early as possible so the teacher can help your child. Please also see the answer to Immersion Education.

Q.  What is An Tumoideachas – Immersion Education?

A.  All schools under An Foras Pátrúnachta practise immersion education. Immersion education means that every subject is taught through Irish and all business and communication in the school is conducted through Irish. As a result, every aspect of the language is absorbed and the pupil will be able to understand and speak the language in a shorter timeframe. English as a subject is not taught until the second term of Naíonáin Mhóra/Senior Infants. Research has found that pupils in the immersion system attain greater levels in reading and writing in both English and Irish than the national average (Ó hAiniféin, 2007 & Cloud, Genesee & Hamayan, 2000).

Q.   What classes will begin in 2013?

A.  Classes will start from Naíonáin Bheaga/Junior Infants.

An Foras Pátrúnachta :: +353-1-6294110 :: eolas@foras.

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